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What is Cappi?

Cappi is a banking app that gives employees access to a portion of the money they’ve already worked for, whenever they need it, wherever they want it.

It is completely free!

How does it work?

Users sign up and decide to access their advances on their Cappi Debit Mastercard for free, or transfer to an external debit card for a fee
Users’ on-demand pay balances vary based on how many hours they’ve worked
Users can take advances and use them immediately through their virtual Cappi Debit Mastercard or external card
Cappi collects any advanced wages during the next payroll cycle from the user’s Cappi Account or external bank account

Offer your employees instant, flexible access to their earnings with no cost or lift on your end.

Designed for every business


Provides technology and funding at no cost to your company.


Works alongside existing payroll/HRIS and time tracking systems.

Secure & Compliant

Meets the highest security standarts and is compliant with wage and hour laws in Europe.

A win for you, a win for your employees.

Giving employees instant access to their earnings is a proven benefit for employers. Enjoy increased filled shifts, retention, and productivity.


Reduction in absenteeism


Reduction in turnover


Increase in job performance

So, what’s the catch?

There’s no catch. When you win, Cappi wins too.

When employees make purchases with their Cappi Debit Mastercard, Mastercard pays us a portion of what they earn. This way, Cappi On-Demand Pay will always be free for you and your employees.