3 Tips For New Gig Workers

3 tips for new gig workers.

The gig ecosystem has become a place for many individuals who wish to become a boss of their own. It has millions of full-time and part-time job openings that you can leverage.  Freelance jobs like content writing, virtual assistant, delivery, data analyst, and rideshare driving, among others, have increased since the pandemic. The beautiful thing […]

Clever Ways to Save on Bills and Monthly Expenses as a Freelancer

Clever Ways to Save on Bills and Monthly Expenses as a Freelancer

Working remotely and the idea of becoming a boss of your own is what excites many freelancers. However, they often face the cost of combining their personal and professional lives. As a freelancer, you are not only responsible for trying to get as many gigs as possible and shuffling your own time and resources to […]

5 Ways to Make Money as a Digital Nomad: All You Need to Know

Earn as a digital nomad

The internet has provided individuals who love to travel to countries and see the attractions of other regions an avenue to work remotely. With the surge in remote work online, a digital nomad has an invaluable advantage of working from anywhere in the world. There are many ways to earn money as a digital nomad […]

What Does Pending Transaction Mean and Did It Go Through?

Top Gadgets Every Freelancer Needs

So, you’ve made a purchase on your Moves Card. Now what? Your balance instantly reflects this transaction, right? Not exactly. Your Moves Business Debit Card may display a transaction as “pending” until the transaction has been fully processed. In its simplest form, a pending transaction (also called a hold) means that you have committed to […]